Autosoft Dynamics
ADAMS Conventional - Treasury Automation System
ADAMS - (Auto Deal, Money Market and securities Trading System) is a Comprehensive application, offering wide-ranging features of Treasury system. The system supports Money Market Operations, Foreign Exchange Trading, Securities Trading as well as all Inter -Branch transactions. The system come part and parcel with the integrated features of both Statutory Central Bank and MIS reporting as required by Central Banks, facilitating a "virtually paper free environment.

Incorporated functionality includes:
  • FX Interbank Module
  • FX Corporate Desk Module
  • Money Market Security Trading Module
  • Risk Management Module
  • Derivatives Module
  • Shares/Equity Trading Module
  • General Ledger Module

FX Interbank Module shows the actual position of the treasury and provides the functionality for the automation of all Interbank FX dealings.

FX Corporate Desk Module provides the functionality for the automation of all the Corporate Desk operations with real time monitoring.

Money Market Security Trading Module provides complete automation of the Money Market desk operations and allows monitoring of liquidity and securities.

Risk Management Module provides risk management capabilities with the help of useful tools such as VAR, Stress testing and limit monitoring.

Derivatives Module automates the posting of Cross Currency IRS and Single Currency IRS., MTM of Derivatives transactions and provides the ability to define margin, commissions, dynamic indexes for references and premium on deals and accrual on daily basis.

Shares/Equity Trading Module automates shares portfolio management with parameterized automation options for Outright Buy/Sale transactions, CFS transactions, Ready Future, Future/future transactions, Repo/Rev Repo transactions, orders breakup confirmations and automatic download of rates.

General Ledger Module provides the functionality for maintaining General Ledger Accounts with the ability to record and manage Account Daily balances, daily accounts position, Daily Account ledger, daily journal, daily balance sheet, daily revaluation, Profit & Loss Statement and Daily transactions vouchers.