Autosoft Dynamics
AutoBUDGET - Budget Management System
AutoBUDGET is an enterprise budgeting software which provides a cost effective solution for preparing, processing and monitoring planned and actual expenditure with reasons for variance. It allows for instant tracking of budget consumption, making adjustments whenever necessary and is equipped with rich reporting capabilities.

The budget module is designed to capture information to facilitate:
  • Gathering budget data from individual units, regions and departments of the head office
  • Prepare and process budget at Finance department in head office
  • Making adjustments in the budget
  • Monitor variance

Gathering budget data from Individual Units: Capital Expenses, Administrative Expenses, Other Incomes, Balance Sheet, Income Sheet, Non Fund Business and Human Resources plans are gathered from individual units, regions and departments of the head office to form baseline budget plans. After Head Office approval of the budget, it is made available to the respective areas. The system operates in each unit as well as at head office end and is also integrated with AutoBANKER II. The system facilitates:

  • Definition for Organization Setup for refining branches, regions and departments
  • Definition for Chart of Account
  • Input sheets for individual units, regions and head office
  • Compiling and consolidating figures
  • Preparation and processing of Budget for branches, regions and departments at head office
  • Preparation and processing of a consolidated budget for the bank
  • Adjustment in the budget at the branch, region and at Head Office levels
  • Lines wise definition of GL Account to obtain actual figures from account balances
  • Comparison of budgeted figures with actual figures
  • 'MS Excel' like definition of line wise formulas
  • Structure for defining HR facilities availed by employees
  • Comparison of budgeted figures with actual figures for variance monitoring
  • User definable report setup for effective monitoring