Autosoft Dynamics
AutoCREDIT - Corporate Credit Management System
AutoCREDIT Commercial is a centralized credit management system catering to the requirements of commercial lending for any bank. Developed on n-tier architecture, the system offers flexibility through extensive parameterization to develop and introduce new lending products in line with constantly evolving requirements.

The system offers wide-ranging functionality including:

Limit management module: The limit management module covers all activities needed to manage credit limits for corporate/commercial sector customers including:

  • Limit handling at different levels
  • Limit amendment and audit trail
  • Collateral handling

Limit handling at different levels: In order to provide limit handling at the corporate level for the bank, limits are maintained at multiple levels:

  • Group limits
  • Customer/client limit
  • Product/product group limits

Group limits: A provision in the system is available to group different corporate customers into one group and assign a specific limit to that particular group. Different customers/clients can avail and share their limits under one single group, however total utilization cannot exceed the group level limit.

Customer/client limits: Customer level limits can be defined for existing and new corporate customers against both funded and non-funded facilities. The system automatically monitors the limit utilization of the customers and protects against limit breaching by giving alerts and pop-ups to the concerned personnel.

Product/product group limits: The system provides a configurable setup for assigning limits to single or multiple products under a single group. The system also has the provision for maintaining multiple product groups and their utilization providing credit administrators and risk managers with multi dimensional controlling of the bank's credit portfolio.

Limit amendment and audit trail: The system facilitates making changes in the customer's limit structure through enhancement or reductions to the limit line after due approval and authorization from relevant personnel. Each amendment will result in the creation of a new version of the customers limit structure and archival of the previous one. A comprehensive inquiry and comparison utility facilitates users to inquire about complete history of changes made to that particular limit line with the capability to compare newer versions with older ones.

Collateral management:
Following are the key features of the collateral management module:

  • Provision of defining N no of collaterals against customer
  • Concept of single or package collaterals
  • Maintenance of central bank approved list of collaterals
  • Handling margins and hair cuts
  • Maintenance of collateral utilization details
  • Maintenance of different types of collateral values (forced , market , book)
  • Maintenance of multiple charge types held against the collateral
  • Provision to mark lien on any account/deal of that particular customer to which security belongs
  • Comprehensive Reporting on bank-wise collaterals and credits given to the customers

Risk management:

  • Supports the Basel II regulations and enables a bank to fine-tune the amount of capital required by each of its business areas to maximize financial returns
  • Profitability/risk exposure details profiled by customer or customer group
  • Maintenance of exposure caps
  • Risk management parameters as per Basel II
  • Ability to tag different types of rating like credit, customer and facility rating for risk management reporting
  • Bank exposure tracking
    • Region wise
    • Industry/sector wise
    • Currency wise
    • Branch wise