Autosoft Dynamics
AutoHRM - Human Resource Management System
AutoHRM is a complete human resource management system which has been designed to automate all activities performed by a human resources department. It encapsulates all relevant activities starting from resume capturing through an employee's end of service within an organization. Salient features include payroll and benefit management, leave tracking, performance monitoring and appraisal processing allowing the company to cut HR administrative costs while boosting productivity through the implementation of industry best practices. The system is dynamically able to cater for changing practices and procedures through an easy to use parameter setup.

Personnel management: The system provides support for all activities and information maintained by a personnel department.

Payroll management: AutoHRM provides full functionality for carrying out all activities related to benefits and compensation for your workforce.

CV management: Allows users to maintain a complete CV database to assist in the hiring process by providing support for, among other things, automated screening of resumes, analysis of candidate skills and tracking of the available candidate pool.

Provident/ gratuity fund & EOBI: AutoHRM completely automates the management of the provident fund/gratuity fund accounts and the employee old age benefits investments with the ability to calculate and post PF/GF profits to all the accounts at the click of a button.

Bonus: The system facilitates calculation and payment of company bonuses for different individuals and groups using variable criteria and formulae.

Reimbursements: Processes expense reimbursement requests and makes it easy to keep track of reimbursement data for each employee.

Leave management: Provides a comprehensive view into employees' current, planned, and historical absences against all defined leave types. Facilitates individual leave quota maintenance and department wise leave calendars to provide effective employee engagement plans.

Disciplinary actions: AutoHRM helps managers in monitoring disciplinary cases and actions against both internal and external entities. The module is fully integrated with the other modules to generate required alerts at defined stages and is parameterized to handle all case stages including registering, action, inquiry, punishment, appeal and case closing.

Performance appraisal: The system facilitates generation of annual employee appraisals as per the company's defined criteria keeping in view multiple factors including but not limited to, individual, team and unit targets, profitability and special achievements.

Loan management: Provides a comprehensive loan initiation and approving mechanism as per the company's eligibility policies. It maintains complete history of already approved loans and offers reporting for policy override cases at any time.

Electronic document control management: Allows for creation of a virtually paperless environment by scanning and managing employee documents for viewing within the AutoHRM system at any time.

Final settlement: Facilitates the processing of final settlement of any employee at the end of HR lifecycle within the company. The system calculates all payments and deductions and calculates the total amount payable or receivable at the employees end.

Employee/manager self services: ESS and MSS are browser based applications which allow the organization's staff to view and update specified employee-specific information which the company provides access to. The system empowers your workforce to continually check and update their information and increases system accuracy while simultaneously resulting in HR time saving.

Value added features: AutoHRM value added features facilitate smooth HR operations enabling managers to make the right decisions at the right time and increase the overall performance and efficiency of the organization.

Security: A state of the art security mechanism helps manage access to sensitive information across the system ensuring only users with respective privileges can view data.