Autosoft Dynamics
AutoRISK - Credit Risk Rating and Scoring System

AutoRISK provides financial institutions with customer-specific (corporate, SME, consumer) and industry-specific (Textile, construction, cement etc) models to help them assess the creditworthiness of their customer base.

The solution is designed to analyze any entity by performing quantitative (financial information) and Qualitative (industry risk, management risk, operational risk and market risk) assessments to determine its obligor and facility risk ratings. The system applies best practices and approaches used by the industry’s leading practitioners and can be tailored for use by any financial institution according to their business processes and risk practices

AutoRISK follows the following steps in order to clearly assess Credit Risk:

Parametrized Rating Model Definition - The system is capable of servicing any bank’s requirements via its parameterized setup, allowing banks to tailor and define the system according to their own risk rating model, procedures and policies.

Obligor Risk Rating - The system performs comprehensive and in-depth analysis of an obligor based upon actual and meaningful statistical figures, to calculate the obligor’s capacity to repay a loan and assign the appropriate grade as per the central bank’s guidelines.

Facility Risk Rating - The system performs a broad analysis of the facility that an obligor is applying for, to determine the exact burden the obligor will face while paying the instalments and also the bank’s position to accommodate the obligor.

Analyze Risk Profile - The system performs an in-depth analysis of all obligor’s risk profile, allowing the bank to analyze the financials of all obligors in detail, compare their data for the previous ‘n’ number of years, view their distribution of ratings amongst different segments and industries, monitor migrations occurred from grade to grade etc.