Autosoft Dynamics
AutoSWIFT - Swift Messaging System

AutoSWIFT provides a dynamic and easy to use interface for SWIFT message generation which can be used independently or integrated with AutoSoft’s products. The module is used to deliver relevant SWIFT messages quickly and securely, both of which are prime considerations for financial matters.


  • Quick and easy updating of messages using enhanced message types, tags and validations
  • Provision to generate and store dynamic messages for upload through SWIFT custom utility
  • Provision to update/upload B.I.C Directory
  • Pre-built templates for Trade, Treasury and Remittance messages
  • Support for multiple message formats including MT 705, MT-700/701, MT-707/747, MT-730, MT-734, MT-710 etc.
  • Real time network validations and error handling
  • Custom SWIFT messaging utility
  • Transmission and acknowledgment reporting for on-demand retrieval
  • Verification and approval tagging at message definition level resulting in automatic routing of message at time of generation
  • Complete tracking, logging and reporting of all transactions (user wise, transaction wise, attempts made etc)
  • The possibility for the bank developers to keep the control of the business application, and its maintenance with SWIFT
  • Generate multiple messages on SWIFT generation console in text file format
  • Customer copy and SWIFT message template in print format
  • Encrypted message transfer between the source and the SWIFT terminal to block fraudulent attempts
  • Uploading of MT type messages from external source
  • SWIFT message authorization functions according to user roles defined in AutoSoft's banking suite
  • Complete audit trails and logs
  • Errors, warnings and information prompts/alerts to the user