Autosoft Dynamics
AutoTRADE - Trade Finance System
AutoTRADE is a state of the art trade finance system developed to meet the trade processing requirements of multiple trade entities worldwide. It enables the complete automation of a foreign trade department and can be implemented on a trade central processing unit (CPU) basis or in a decentralized environment. The system provides complete automation for imports, exports, refinance, letter of guarantees and related statutory reporting. The system is also integrated with our AutoSWIFT module which is capable of handling SWIFT formats.

AutoTRADE modules:
  • Import module
  • Export module
  • Export Refinance
  • Letter of Guarantee
  • Integrated SWIFT utility

Import - The system offers a highly customizable import module which fully automates import operations while complying with UCP regulations in day to day trade transactions. It maintains a complete tool-set for import LC's, contracts, import bills (inward bills for collection) and for import financing.

Export - The export module fully automates export operations through its highly customizable parameter setup to better meet the bank's requirements. It is tightly integrated with the export refinance module and facilitates decision makers by providing real time information at the time of bill lodgement/negotiation and realizations.

Export Refinance - It fully automates export refinance operations and provides extensive reporting features for central bank. The system supports automatic attachment and settlement of refinance loans at the time of export bills realizations and its parameterized policy setup allows for easy modification to meet the evolving central bank requirements.

Letter of Guarantee - The Letter of Guarantees module keeps track of the LG limits and related trade transactions through a highly configurable parameter setup. The commission of LG can be recovered in a variety of ways depending upon the arrangements with the customer including upfront, quarterly and commission based handling for open ended LG's.

Integrated SWIFT Utility - The SWIFT utility provides an accredited SWIFT interface for SWIFT message generation which can be used independently or integrated with ASD's products. The module is used to deliver relevant SWIFT messages quickly and securely - both of which are prime considerations for financial matters.