Autosoft Dynamics
AutoSoft’s Back Office Suite of products allows you to pick and choose which modules to combine and implement for enhanced functionality. The systems can be implemented standalone or integrated with our banking product suite for end-to-end automation in a financial institution. The modules have been developed through the culmination of our experience, and are designed to help our clients meet their productivity challenges; maintain their competitive edge while increasing efficiency. Benefits include:
  • Consolidated MIS reporting equipped with automatic report scheduling and shipping to end users
  • End-to-end Human Resource Management automation using our AutoHRM system equipped with graphical reporting to facilitate quick and easy analytic data views
  • Monitor and increase the efficiency and resource utilization for the organization by tracking employee attendance
  • An agile, flexible and cost effective solution for preparing, processing and monitoring planned and actual expenditure using our budget management system
  • Modular Architecture makes the system flexible, easy to handle and fault tolerant ensuring stability and operational security
  • Easy support of data integration with external application
AutoMIS – Management Information Reporting System
AutoMIS is a comprehensive reporting tool which forms the backbone for all of our complementing systems reporting. The system is used to generate management, central bank and other statutory reporting requirements in addition to the customized reports for internal purposes. The system facilitates financial analysts and information workers with a high level of flexibility through its parameterization so that they need not depend upon a programmer to define individual reports.
AutoHRM – Human Resource Management System
AutoHRM is a complete human resource management system which has been designed to automate all activities performed by a human resources department. It encapsulates all relevant activities starting from resume capturing through an employee's end of service within an organization. Salient features include payroll and benefit management, leave tracking, performance monitoring and appraisal processing allowing the company to cut HR administrative costs while boosting productivity through the implementation of industry best practices.
AutoATTENDANCE – Attendance Management System
AutoATTENDANCE is a biometric attendance tracking system that replaces the typical time clock used to track employee's attendance. The system reduces the administrative burden on your staff while increasing employee productivity and morale through enhanced and transparent visibility. AutoATTENDANCE is also fully integrated with our AutoHRM system for processing of overtime payroll, leave monitoring and reviewing adherence to company policies during performance appraisals.
AutoASSET – Asset Management System
AutoASSETS is a fixed asset inventory management system designed to provide clients with a proper inventory and distribution of their assets throughout their life cycle. Salient features of the system include asset authorization procedure, asset adjustment mechanism and asset depreciation using multiple methods. Management reporting is enabled for quick and easy viewing of current asset portfolio at all stages in their lifecycle.
AutoSWIFT - Swift Messaging System
AutoSWIFT provides a dynamic and easy to use interface for SWIFT message generation which can be used independently or integrated with ASD’s products. The module is used to deliver relevant SWIFT messages quickly and securely, both of which are prime considerations for financial matters.