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AutoSoft Dynamic’s business is knowledge intensive and our success largely depends upon the quality of our people. Employees who have made a commitment to work for AutoSoft comprise the company’s most valuable assets; they are the heart and soul of our company.

We welcome newcomers who are prepared to take on challenges and are willing to learn. Employees must continually work to further develop their core competencies, knowledge and expertise, and remain open to new processes, technologies, and ideas.

Whether you are initiating your career or you are an experienced professional, AutoSoft Dynamics can introduce you to many experiences and opportunities available through our global business

Training & Development
In dynamic times, the quality of our employees has to be secured by closing the learning gaps that arise from new strategies and new products & services. AutoSoft offers its employees enhanced career opportunities and the freedom to be entrepreneurs within a defined framework. We continuously monitor employee development and, to maintain improvement, any training needs assessed are catered to by the provision of both in-house and external training.

We also offer broad cultural business understanding through international exposure and networks that provide employee growth and allow for the implementation of best practices. We support the communities where we operate and encourage employee involvement to build pride in both our community and company.
In collaboration with the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) and the National Information and Communication Technology R&D Fund (ICT R&D Fund), AutoSoft Dynamics is currently offering training and employment opportunities to fresh graduates under the Apprenticeship Program.

Successful applicants would be given the opportunity to work at the firm for a period of 12 months, during which they would be provided structured trainings by our experienced professionals. The apprenticeship program offers an unparalleled opportunity to motivated fresh graduates who want to expand their professional skill-set by interacting with experienced professionals to obtain hands-on experience of the industry. Depending upon the performance of the apprentice, they are considered for permanent employment at the end of the apprenticeship period.

This Apprenticeship program offers a unique opportunity for graduates to give their professional careers a jump start.
Our internship programs are integral to our recruitment process. Many successful interns come back and join us on a permanent basis once they have completed their degrees.

We expect your experiences to build your confidence, add to your creativity and bring you and us substantial long-term benefit. Therefore, we treat applicants for Internships in the same way as we treat those who apply for permanent positions.

So, we invest considerable resources into ensuring you are offered an enriching experience to grow and have an enjoyable time.

Join us and you will become a part of a team of professionals proudly serving its customers worldwide.
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