Autosoft Dynamics
Our Clients
Investrust Bank Limited, Zambia
Investrust Bank is currently powering its Core Banking, Consumer Lending, Treasury, Statutory and Management reporting requirements using AutoSoft's seamlessly integrated banking product suite. The bank is able to gain a cost advantage via straight-through processing with high system availability and is offering customer’s support for multiple delivery channels, including branches, ATMs, point-of-sale terminals and internet banking.
International Commercial Bank, South Sudan
International Commercial Bank was AutoSoft’s first customer in South Sudan which paved way for a new market for the company. International Commercial Bank sought a stable and robust Core Banking System to start their operations and have chosen AutoSoft’s flagship product AutoBANKER - Global Banking System. The system has full support for multiple modern day customer touch points and delivery channel support including ATM, POS, SMS Banking and Internet Banking.
African National Bank Limited, South Sudan
African National Bank started their retail banking operations in South Sudan and decided to go with the leading financial software services provider in the region. African National Bank reviewed AutoBANKER and signed this stable and robust global banking system to automate their current and future requirements for growth. The system provides the bank the freedom to procure and interface other vertical niche products as and when their need arise. African National Bank also signed AutoSoft’s AutoHRM – Human Capital Management System to power their human resource operations which is now live and processing the HR needs of their complete workforce.
Eden Commercial Bank Plc. South Sudan
Eden Commercial Bank has signed AutoSoft’s flagship product AutoBANKER – Global Banking System for the automation of their Core and Retail banking operations. Subsequent to the core banking implementation, the bank went on to sign AutoSoft’s Corporate and Consumer Leasing and Lending product suite, Trade Services Solution and Human Capital Management System to meet their growth requirements.
Peoples Bank, South Sudan
People Bank is AutoSoft’s fourth client in South Sudan, People’s Bank decided to start and automate their operations using AutoSoft’s Global Banking System – AutoBANKER and the Human Capital Management System – AutoHRM. Seeing first-hand the success of AutoBANKER in South Sudan as well as the depth of functionality and flexibility it has, People’s Bank wasted no time in finalizing their decision and is now operational with these state of the art technology solutions.
Royal Express Bank, South Sudan
Royal Express Bank is AutoSoft’s fifth customer of AutoBANKER – Global Banking System using both the core banking and our Human Resource Management System within South Sudan. In order to compete in a growing market, Royal Express Bank required only the best in financial automation solutions and chose AutoBANKER due to its flexible design, state of the art technology and the depth of functionality it has to offer. The bank is able to offer its customers real time access to account information with support for external delivery channels including ATM access in all of its branches.
Commercial Bank of Djibouti, Republic of Djibouti, Africa
Commercial Bank of Djibouti, a newly established bank in the Republic of Djibouti, has selected AutoBANKER II to power their core banking operations. The system’s flexible design, proven state of the art technology and architecture has provided the bank with a strong platform for financial growth and will also ensure customer satisfaction. Commercial Bank of Djibouti has also chosen the AutoCREDIT – Corporate Credit Management System, AutoTRADE – Trade Services System and ADAMS – Treasury Automation System in order to form a fully integrated Corporate Banking suite.
FINCA Microfinance Bank Limited
FINCA Microfinance Bank Limited, one of the newest subsidiary in the FINCA global family of companies and a licensed deposit-taking microfinance bank regulated by the State Bank of Pakistan has chosen AutoSoft’s AutoHRM - Human Resource Management System to automate their human resource operations. AutoHRM’s modular architecture will assist the bank in automation of its Human Capital Management operations along with direct integration with the core banking application. The complete suite consists of 16 modules to cover end to end HR requirements and activities.
Sindh Bank Limited
Sindh Bank is the renowned AutoSoft clientele who launched their banking operations using the AutoBANKER and AutoCREDIT products. The bank opens over 200 branches during 2014 and has the confidence that the system can easily scale up in line with the bank's aggressive growth plans simply through the enhancement of hardware horsepower.
Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited
Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited (formerly Emirates Global Islamic Bank) was the first taker of our end-to-end Islamic banking product suite comprising AutoIBANKER, Islamic treasury, Islamic trade finance, AutoMIS and AutoHRM. The system currently powers the bank's network of branches across the country from their data centre in Karachi, and has the ability to scale up in line with the banks aggressive growth plans simply through the enhancement of hardware horsepower. Islamic products supported include Mudarabah, Ijarah, Istisna, Salam, Qard-e-Hasna, Diminishing Musharakah, Amanah, Musawama, Islamic Term Deposit, Corporate Murabaha, Import Murabaha and Profit Pool Management.
Standard Chartered Modaraba, Pakistan
AutoSoft has successfully implemented its Islamic suite in Standard Chartered Modaraba (SCM), a Modaraba company of Standard Chartered Bank and Standard Chartered Services Pakistan. After a thorough evaluation process SCM selected AutoIBANKER for its automation requirement in line with the requirements of SECP.
PAIR Investment Company, Pakistan
PAIR Investment Company was AutoSoft first initiative within the investment banking domain. PAIR is a joint venture investment company between the Governments of Pakistan and Iran and started operations in 2007. AutoSoft successfully implemented its Corporate Credit Management System - AutoCREDIT, Credit Risk Rating and Scoring System – AutoRISK and Management Information Reporting System – AutoMIS at PAIR Investment Company.
First Women Bank Limited
First Women Bank's core banking operations are powered using AutoSoft's financial application suite. The bank is able to offer its customers real time access to account information with support for external delivery channels including ATM access in all of its branches.
Apna Microfinance Bank, Pakistan
AutoSoft’s product suite were previously being used by Network Microfinance Bank Limited at the time of their merger into Apna Microfinance Bank. The new management reviewed extensively the existing solution capabilities and kept the existing modules and have also signed additional modules including Global Banking System – AutoBANKER, Consumer Leasing and Lending System – AutoCREDIT, Treasury Automation System – ADAMS and a Human Capital Management System. A comprehensive Management Information Reporting System – AutoMIS forms the backbone of all their required statutory and multi-dimensional management reporting of the customer portfolio based on numerous analyses.
Tameer Microfinance Bank, Pakistan
Tameer Microfinance Bank Limited are using AutoSoft’s ADAMS (Automated Dealing Room, Money Market and Securities Trading System) solution to automate and power its money market automation operations. The system facilitates real time and online deal monitoring, limits update, securities trading, mutual fund transactions, exposure monitoring, real time liquidity management, cheque printing, securities revaluation and deals revaluation.
National Bank of Pakistan
AutoSoft's Automatic Deal, Money Market and Securities Trading System, ADAMS has been used to power the treasury operations Pakistan's largest treasury, National Bank of Pakistan since the 2001. The system facilitates creation of a "virtually paperless environment" through the integrated features of both statutory central bank reporting as required by State Bank of Pakistan and MIS reporting required by NBP management. The system provides NBP with a state of the art, multi-portfolio, multi-dealing room environment supported by robust risk management (including limit management and computation of value at risk), back office management and statutory and management reporting requirements of the bank.
The Bank of Punjab
The Bank of Punjab has been using AutoSoft's Treasury Solution –ADAMS since 2010. The software solution is fully integrated across front, middle and back office functions and supports a comprehensive set of financial instruments. It provides the bank with a state of the art, multi-portfolio, multi-dealing room environment supported by robust risk management (including limit management and computation of value at risk), back offer management, statutory and management reporting features.
Askari Bank Limited, Pakistan and Bahrain
AutoSoft has successfully provided a fully automated solution for Askari Bank Limited’s Treasury operations in Pakistan. Askari Bank Limited’s offshore banking unit operations in Bahrain are also powered using AutoSoft’s integrated retail banking and treasury management solutions. The systems allow for high availability to facilitate substantial daily trading volumes and open positions. Upon execution of transactions, positions are instantly updated in both ADAMS and AutoBANKER to provide real-time data to all users across the network.
Bank Alfalah Limited, Pakistan
Bank Alfalah Limited is able to process and post the salaries of their diversified workforce of around 8,000 employee accounts in more than 550 branches at the click of a single button – just one of the unique features of AutoSoft's AutoHRM – Human Capital Management product site.
ROZEE.PK, Pakistan
Naseeb Networks, parent company of the largest job portal in Pakistan ROZEE.PK, is using AutoSoft’s AutoHRM - Human Resource Management System and AutoATTENDANCE – Attendance Management System to power their human resource operations. The product suite provides a robust set of best-in-class HR functionality that enables the organization to accelerate business performance, increase productivity as well as manage growing workforce more effectively.