Autosoft Dynamics
AutoSoft offers an integrated product suite for banks that provide services to corporate and professional clients. It includes coverage of corporate credit, payments, treasury services and trade finance.
AutoBANKER – Global Banking System
AutoBANKER empowers banks to transform their business leveraging agile, new generation technologies. This multi-interfaced system is dynamic, reliable, scalable and efficient enough to adapt to new practices and procedures through its customizable parameter setup. Its customer benefit from the ability to:
  • Rapidly introduce new products to facilitate customers in line with changing market conditions
  • Enhance service expectations
  • Centralized concept for group limit handling
  • Limits links to customer and groups
  • Automatic calculation of drawing power security wise
  • Facilitates limit interchangeability
  • Facilitates substantial daily trading volumes and open positions
  • Instantly updated positions in the system to provide real-time data
  • Track exposures and manage limits across products, industry sectors and customers
  • Account consolidation for risk assessment and decision making
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs
AutoTRADE – Corporate Trade Finance System
AutoTRADE is a state of the art trade finance system developed to meet the trade processing requirements of multiple trade entities worldwide. It enables the complete automation of a foreign trade department and can be implemented on a trade central processing unit (CPU) basis or in a decentralized environment. The system provides complete automation for imports, exports, refinance, letter of guarantees and related statutory reporting. The system is also integrated with our AutoSWIFT module which is capable of handling SWIFT formats.
ADAMS – Automated Treasury Management System
AutoSoft's ADAMS (Automatic Deal, Money Market and Securities Trading System) solution is the best way to maximize productivity of your treasury's trading desk as well as back office operations. The system facilitates creation of a "virtually paperless environment" through the integrated features of both statutory central bank reporting and MIS reporting required by a bank's management. The system provides users with wide-ranging features including real time exposure monitoring, support for inter-branch and foreign exchange transactions, derivatives, securities, equity and shares trading as well as all money market operations. The system is fully integrated with our Swift messaging system, AutoSWIFT for automatic generation of relevant SWIFT messages.
AutoCREDIT – Corporate Credit Management
AutoCREDIT Commercial is a centralized credit management system catering to the requirements of commercial lending for any bank. Developed on n-tier architecture, the system offers flexibility through extensive parameterization to develop and introduce new lending products in line with constantly evolving requirements. The bank is able to gain a cost advantage through online real-time processing. Salient features include centralized concept for limit management at different levels, limit interchange ability, collateral management, risk management and exposure monitoring with tracking at the bank, region and industry/sector level. The system provides up to the last minute information about current limits, collaterals and outstanding payments.
External Gateways
In today's financial world, numerous channels are available for customers to operate and manage their relationship with retail and corporate banks both locally and globally. AutoSoft Dynamics provides solutions and support for all customer business needs through various touch points and gateways available in the market which include branch banking, ATMs, point-of-sale terminals, IVR, Internet Banking, SMS banking and Swift messages.