Autosoft Dynamics
AutoSoft offers Credit Management Solution for both consumer and corporate credit management. The solution is modular and flexible enough to incorporate new requirements as and when they appear on the market. Benefits to the customer include:
  • Parameterized funded and non-funded disbursement capabilities
  • Comprehensive asset and customer relation database for faster evaluations of requests
  • Complete credit origination & application processing tool
  • Track exposures and manage limits across products, industry sectors and customers
  • Detailed risk management analysis via parameterized credit scoring and customer assessment
  • Real time application tracking facilitating identification of bottlenecks to reduce customer service time
  • Flexible work flow management to configure workflow according to business hierarchy
  • On Line, real time information processing
  • Comprehensive audit log for all transactions
AutoCREDIT - Consumer Lending and Leasing
AutoCREDIT Consumer Lending and Leasing provides an end-to-end solution, built on proven, configurable processes, for the management of the entire consumer credit lifecycle. The system provides clients with management and maintenance facilities for leasing and financing products throughout their life cycles. Salient features include a complete credit origination and application processing tool for both asset based and non-asset based financing, detailed risk management analysis via parameterized credit scoring and customer assessment, committee base approval structure, arrears, past due follow up and rearrangements, automatic and at counter payment options through PDC’s / direct debit instructions, daily accrual calculation and transaction posting, loan rescheduling / restructuring and loan loss provisioning with the integrated features of both statutory central bank reporting and MIS reporting required by a bank’s management.
AutoCREDIT - Corporate Credit Management
AutoCREDIT Commercial is a centralized credit management system catering to the requirements of commercial lending for any bank. Developed on n-tier architecture, the system offers flexibility through extensive parameterization to develop and introduce new lending products in line with constantly evolving requirements. The bank is able to gain a cost advantage through online real-time processing. Salient features include centralized concept for limit management at different levels, limit interchange ability, collateral management, risk management and exposure monitoring with tracking at the bank, region and industry/sector level. The system provides up to the last minute information about current limits, collaterals and outstanding payments.
AutoRISK - Credit Risk Rating and Scoring System
AutoRisk provides financial institutions with customer-specific (corporate, SME, consumer) and industry-specific (Textile, construction, cement etc) models to help them assess the creditworthiness of their customer base.