Autosoft Dynamics
Product Suite
AutoBANKER - Global Banking System
AutoBANKER is a global banking system catering to the requirements of any financial institution, providing online, real time synchronized banking business automation. The system empowers banks to continuously enhance their business by leveraging agile, new generation technologies. Via its customizable parameter setup, it allows for dynamic, reliable and scalable product transformations in line with new practices and procedures.
AutoIBANKER - Islamic Banking System
AutoIBANKER is a Shariah-compliant Islamic banking system which caters for the requirements of Islamic banking via its customizable parameter setup, enabling banks to offer a competitive range of Islamic financial products providing online and real time synchronized banking business automation. Clients using AutoIBANKER for Islamic banking automation benefit from maintaining control over their operational costs and maintaining focus towards enhanced customer services.
AutoCREDIT - Consumer Lending and Leasing System
AutoCREDIT Consumer Lending and Leasing provides an end-to-end solution, built on proven, configurable processes, for the management of the entire consumer credit lifecycle. The system provides clients with management and maintenance facilities for leasing and financing products throughout their life cycles. The systems dynamic and customizable parameter setup is used to cater to constantly evolving market requirements.
AutoCREDIT - Corporate Credit Management System
AutoCREDIT Commercial is a centralized credit management system catering to the requirements of commercial lending for any bank. Salient features include centralized concept for limit management at different levels, limit interchange ability, collateral management, risk management and exposure monitoring with tracking at the bank, region and industry / sector level. The system provides up to the last minute information about current limits, collaterals and outstanding payments.
AutoRISK - Credit Risk Rating and Scoring System
AutoRISK provides financial institutions with customer-specific (corporate, SME, consumer) and industry-specific (Textile, construction, cement etc.) models to help them assess the creditworthiness of their customer base. AutoRISK as a solution provides the top management to oversee business line management to see whether line managers in different areas of banking keep track of their relevant risk management issues, i.e. those related to Credit Risk, Liquidity Risk, Market Risk and Operation Risk along Capital Management (Basel II,III and CAR) etc.
AutoLOS - Loan Origination System
AutoLOS is specifically designed with dynamic flexibility to meet the loan application processing needs of financial institution / banks. AutoLOS helps the banks or financial institution at each step of loan application process including loan approval, payment and disbursement schedules, interest calculation etc. Moreover, it provides the ease to credit or risk analyst to investigate loan proposal so that it can be timely forwarded to the ultimate and competent approval authority (as stipulated by the Bank / DFI) for final approval or rejection of a customer loan application. AutoLOS has been designed by keeping in view the best practices of banks as well as financial institutions followed for a loan origination and application.
ADAMS Conventional - Treasury Automation System
AutoSoft's ADAMS (Automatic Deal, Money Market and Securities Trading System) solution is the best way to maximize productivity of your treasury's trading desk as well as back office operations. The system provides users with wide-ranging features including real time exposure monitoring, support for inter-branch and foreign exchange transactions, derivatives, securities, equity and shares trading as well as all money market operations. The system is fully integrated with our Swift messaging system, AutoSWIFT for automatic generation of relevant SWIFT messages.
ADAMS Islamic - Treasury Automation System
AutoSoft's ADAMS Islamic (Automatic Deal, Money Market and Securities Trading System) is a fully Shariah compliant system designed to maximize productivity on your treasury's trading desk as well as back office operations. The system provides users with real time exposure monitoring, real time pricing, cash flows in different currencies, gap analysis both in foreign as well as in local currency, securities and shares management, monitoring of different types of limits and risk analysis. The system is fully integrated with our Swift messaging system, AutoSWIFT for automatic generation of relevant SWIFT messages.
AutoTRADE - Trade Finance System
AutoTRADE is a state of the art trade finance system developed to meet the trade processing requirements of multiple trade entities worldwide. It enables the complete automation of a foreign trade department and can be implemented on a trade central processing unit (CPU) basis or in a decentralized environment. The system provides complete automation for imports, exports, export refinance, letter of guarantees and related statutory reporting. The system is also integrated with our AutoSWIFT module which is capable of handling SWIFT formats.
AutoMIS –Management Information reporting system
AutoMIS is a comprehensive reporting tool which forms the backbone for all of our complementing systems reporting. The system is used to generate management, central bank and other statutory reporting requirements in addition to the customized reports for internal purposes. The system facilitates financial analysts and information workers with a high level of flexibility through its parameterization so that they need not depend upon a programmer to define individual reports.
AutoMWALLET - Branchless Banking Solution
AutoMWALLET that is backed by SAP Money Mobiliser provides a state-of-the-art mCommerce solution to the market that allows anyone with a mobile phone to pay, buy, bank and remit money. Money Mobiliser provides solutions so that financial institutions can extend their interaction with customers and offer such business channels as mBanking, mPayments, mRemittance, mTopUp, etc.
External Gateways
In today’s financial world, numerous channels are available for customers to operate and manage their relationship with retail and corporate banks both locally and globally. AutoSoft Dynamics provides solutions and support for all customer business needs through various touch points and gateways available in the market which include branch banking, ATMs, point-of-sale terminals, IVR, Internet Banking, SMS banking and Swift messages.
AutoHRM - Human Resource Management System
AutoHRM is a complete human resource management system which has been designed to automate all activities performed by a human resources department. It encapsulates all relevant activities starting from resume capturing through till an employee's end of service within an organization. Salient features include payroll and benefit management, leave tracking, performance monitoring and appraisal processing allowing the company to cut HR administrative costs while boosting productivity through the implementation of industry best practices.
AutoATTENDANCE - Attendance Management System
AutoATTENDANCE is a biometric attendance tracking system that replaces the typical time clock used to track employee's attendance. The system reduces the administrative burden on your staff while increasing employee productivity and morale through enhanced and transparent visibility. AutoATTENDANCE is also fully integrated with our AutoHRM system for processing of overtime payroll, leave monitoring and reviewing adherence to company policies during performance appraisals.
AutoASSETS – Asset Management System
AutoASSETS is a fixed asset inventory management system designed to provide clients with a proper inventory and distribution of their assets throughout their life cycle. Salient features of the system include asset authorization procedure, asset adjustment mechanism and asset depreciation using multiple methods. Management reporting is enabled for quick and easy viewing of current asset portfolio at all stages in their lifecycle.
AutoSWIFT - Swift Messaging System
AutoSWIFT provides a dynamic and easy to use interface for SWIFT message generation which can be used independently or integrated with ASD’s products. The module is used to deliver relevant SWIFT messages quickly and securely, both of which are prime considerations for financial matters.
Islamic Profit Distribution (IPD)
Islamic Profit Distribution (IPD) is a comprehensive solution that helps you to manage restricted/unrestricted funds that are essential to Islamic banking. IPD further helps you to effectively adopt the best management strategies in order to maintain Mudarib deductions as well as other risk reserves in order to attain the right balance. It also assists the user in adopting and defining the true operational model that automatically help in the calculation of funds rate of return at any specified point in time.
AutoRTGS - Real-time Gross Settlement System
AutoSoft's Real-time Gross Settlement System is a real-time application interface for processing of large value interbank remittance transactions in real-time. The transactions are processed on Gross basis and can be linked with the Central Bank RTGS system, this minimizes the systemic risks that are inherent in large-value net settlement systems. However, AutoSoft's RTGS utility employs Straight through Processing (STP) and can be interfaced with the Central Bank RTGS system via the Message Gateway.
AutoTMS - Task Management System
AutoTMS – Ticket Management System is a web-based application that serve as a Task Management and Ticketing System is foundation for efficient workflow in an organization. AutoTMS offers an organization with robust, secure, reliable controls to manage task operations.
AutoNIMS - Network Inventory Management System
AutoNIMS – Network Inventory Management System is designed to improve the operational performance and assist them in streamlining the processes by gathering all network infrastructure data and preserves it up to date. This includes inventory and network management with the flexibility of system configuration, reporting functions for various users, to automate intensified back-office procedures / processes.
AutoNIMS - Information Security and Risk Management System
AutoISRM – Information Security and Risk Management System is an effective risk management framework for helping the organization to implement information security standards efficiently by managing their assets and risk management system defined and designed by International standard organizations.
AutoBIOMETRIC - Biometric Verification System
AutoBIOMETRIC – Biometric Verification System is a secured system that captures the finger impression of an individual, which can be stored and then verified by National Database & Registration Authority. AutoSoft’s Biometric Verification System replaces the traditional security systems i.e. password protection and encryption techniques and offers enhanced level of security with user friendly features while reducing frauds and minimizes the risk of access to confidential information.
WebHRM is a browser based front end for AutoSoft's AutoHRM – Human Resource Management System. The system provides employees and managers with an effective communication medium through which they can directly communicate with the HR department to assist them in their day to day HR related tasks and activities and also helps the HR department to more efficiently manage the resources of the organization.
AutoWEB - Internet Banking System
AutoWEB allows customers to access up to date account information & conducting transactions through internet channel under the industry standard security layers. The system provides information 24/7 a day without human intervention. Its self-registration process provides freedom to customer as he/she can register themselves without involving banks.
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    AutoSoft's product suite automates both simple and complex processes for banks.
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    Additionally, modules that automate administrative tasks such as human capital and fixed asset management are also part of AutoSoft's offering.
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    AutoSoft is one of the first banking software automation companies to develop and deploy a fully Shariah compliant product suite.