Autosoft Dynamics
AutoSoft's product suite automates both simple and complex processes for banks. Simple tasks include opening accounts, issuing cheque books, checking balances, processing deposits, transfers and ATM withdrawals. More complex automation provided by AutoSoft includes trade finance (import, export, export refinance, and letter of guarantees activities) and treasury automation (foreign exchange, money market and corporate office transactions). Additionally, modules that automate administrative tasks such as human capital and fixed asset management are also part of AutoSoft's offering.

Aside from conventional banking products, AutoSoft has a strong portfolio of products catering to the fast-emerging Islamic Banking industry. Our Islamic banking products are based on distribution of profits and losses of investments as opposed to interest based computations in conventional banking. Islamic Banking products require highly specialized processes and transactional workflows that must be compliant with Islamic jurisprudence (Shariah). AutoSoft is one of the first banking software automation companies to develop and deploy a fully Shariah compliant product suite.
AutoSoft Fact
"AutoSoft’s offerings comprise automation for end-to-end banking operations as well as administrative tasks such as human capital management."