Autosoft Dynamics
AutoSoft's retail banking software suite offers a highly customizable product which has been implemented across a range of customers, including both large retail banks and small microfinance banks within Pakistan and internationally. The product implements complex transactional workflows that have been developed through 200 man years of deep engagements with the industry and have been further matured through over 1,000 banking site installations.
AutoBANKER – Global Banking System
AutoBANKER is a global banking system capable of fulfilling the requirements of any financial institution by providing online and real-time synchronized banking business automation. This multi-interfaced system is dynamic, reliable, scalable and efficient enough to adapt to new practices and procedures through its customizable parameter setup. Its users benefit from:
  • 24/7 processing of large transaction volumes, with high availability
  • Ability to rapidly develop and market new products using its customizable parameter setup
  • Online real time processing across all systems and delivery channels
  • Customizable user friendly menu driven interface
  • Easy support of data integration with external applications
  • Broad functionality from a single application lowering cost of ownership
  • Cost effective access to customer relationship management through our business partner management module
  • A user defined easy to use transaction routing engine to reduce service time and associated costs
  • A highly scalable application facilitating growth simply through enhancing hardware horsepower
  • Comprehensive audit log for both financial and non-financial transactions
AutoCREDIT - Consumer Lending and Leasing
AutoCREDIT Consumer Lending and Leasing provides an end-to-end solution, built on proven, configurable processes, for the management of the entire consumer credit lifecycle. The system provides clients with management and maintenance facilities for leasing and financing products throughout their life cycles. Salient features include a complete credit origination and application processing tool for both asset based and non-asset based financing, detailed risk management analysis via parameterized credit scoring and customer assessment, committee base approval structure, arrears, past due follow up and rearrangements, automatic and at counter payment options through PDC's/direct debit instructions, daily accrual calculation and transaction posting, loan rescheduling/restructuring and loan loss provisioning with the integrated features of both statutory central bank reporting and MIS reporting required by a bank's management.
ADAMS - Automated Treasury Management System
AutoSoft's ADAMS (Automatic Deal, Money Market and Securities Trading System) solution is the best way to maximize productivity of your treasury's trading desk as well as back office operations. The system provides users with wide-ranging features including real time exposure monitoring, support for inter-branch and foreign exchange transactions, derivatives, securities, equity and shares trading as well as all money market operations. The system is fully integrated with our Swift messaging system, AutoSWIFT for automatic generation of relevant SWIFT messages.
External Gateways
In today's financial world, numerous channels are available for customers to operate and manage their relationship with retail and corporate banks both locally and globally. AutoSoft Dynamics provides solutions and support for all customer business needs through various touch points and gateways available in the market which include branch banking, ATMs, point-of-sale terminals, IVR, Internet Banking, SMS banking and Swift messages.